Monday, March 14, 2011

Where to find me....

I've been hanging out at my other blog....

Jypsie Visions

I know, I know, same name, different spelling.... well, Jypsie is what I had intended this to start out with, but thought the spelling might be a problem with people finding me on the web.  Then I thought better of it and realized that hey, this is my website and I want the funky spelling.  So, I made a new one.  I'm still going to keep this one for now.  Who knows?  I may end up using it again later, I may not.  But for now, please join me at Jypsie Visions for my latest adventures in life on Earth as my family and I know it.

Thank you,

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome Jeremiah!

I'm amazed at the miracle who is my son...
 He's only four weeks old and has already blown my mind and stolen my heart!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Wish List Item....

I really need want a new camera.

I was looking through some of the photos that I took a couple years ago with the camera that I still have now... they were sharp, clean, the colors seemed more vivid... but not so much now.  Oh, the pictures look ok.  They look fine for saving some memories, but they're not like they used to be.

The camera that I'd love to have is completely out of reach for me... for a mere $799... which is more than my mortgage payment, I might add...  I could have an Olympus PEN E-P1!  Oh, the wonderful photography I could make with such a camera!  *sign*  But, alas, the money.... Oh, the bills I could pay with such money!

And with a baby on the way.... HA!  Not very likely that I'll get such a snazzy snapshot apparatus... nor even anything half that good.  I'll probably end up just keeping my old camera that's still working, albeit not as up to par as it was back in the day... but then again... I'm not exactly as spiffy as I used to be either!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life's a Beach

We've started to walk on the beach in the mornings... before it gets hot! The sunrises have been just fantastic!  I need to remember to bring my camera!

This past Monday we came across some interesting items... (we took them with my hubby's phone, I tried to clean them up a bit)

Someone must have cut the head off not too long before we got there... the teeth were already gone as well.

Found a live starfish too... I've found a few of these before.  Same color and all... I need to find out what kind they are exactly.  Wish we had a salt water tank at home!  This guy was mostly buried and we almost missed him.  Anyone know what kind of starfish this one is?  I've tried looking it up and found quite a few pics, but no actual label for the type/kind it falls under.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Gone Surfin'

Ya know, it's quite interesting, the things you can come across on the internet while surfing around.  When I started on computers they were nothing but DOS programs... little green dots of binary code on a black screen.  (I thought they were just a fad... silly me!)  That was twenty-five-ish years ago that I first touched one.  About ten years ago, I actually got a laptop (my first computer) and learned how they worked and really got into the whole thing.... including how to build my own!  But "surfing" wasn't my objective.  I didn't know how to "surf" the web... it just didn't make sense to me.  If I wanted to know something, I just looked it up.  Why would I randomly click on anything?!

Ahhh, but there's a whole world out there that most people never see (nor would they probably care to, but that's another story) and wouldn't see if they didn't surf around the net.  ("Surf around the net"??  Now a few decades ago, that would have brought up a much different image in my mind than it does now!)


So, I'm trying to get caught up with my Facebook crap... er.... stuff.... friends... farmville.... whatever.... and come across a comment from an old friend.  He has a link, so I click on it.  It takes me to his blog and I read.  It's actually interesting and he has some other links that I click on and before you know it, I've found a whole mindless menagerie of things that I had no idea were out there.  Some people have nothing better to do than put these things together... and then again... maybe they do, but are avoiding them.  Not sure what the reason is for some of the things I find, but they are, at the very least, mildly interesting... others are "bookmark" worthy IMHO.

I dare to share them here....

A twist on Smells Like Teen Spirit

Perpetual Motion Found!

Light Switch

Infinite Fun

Human Slinky
(The kid in the orange shirt is amazing!)

Cool Flash
(click on the little white spots on the mushroom in the bottom right hand corner)

Where the Hell is Matt?
(I came across this a while back and just remembered it while I was typing this blog.  It's quite interesting if you check out his story and how he got started on this journey.  Don't forget to watch the video!)

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