Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Life's a Beach

We've started to walk on the beach in the mornings... before it gets hot! The sunrises have been just fantastic!  I need to remember to bring my camera!

This past Monday we came across some interesting items... (we took them with my hubby's phone, I tried to clean them up a bit)

Someone must have cut the head off not too long before we got there... the teeth were already gone as well.

Found a live starfish too... I've found a few of these before.  Same color and all... I need to find out what kind they are exactly.  Wish we had a salt water tank at home!  This guy was mostly buried and we almost missed him.  Anyone know what kind of starfish this one is?  I've tried looking it up and found quite a few pics, but no actual label for the type/kind it falls under.
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