Friday, August 14, 2009

Peace, Harmony & Balance (part one)

It's amazing to me, how much more I notice around me, the more peaceful I feel. I've recently had some amazing changes in my life and have found a sense of calm that seems to surround me more often than not. I don't seem to get as frazzled during the day at work as I used to... I don't get as stressed out as I used to... I don't worry quite as much... etc.

I stopped smoking, stopped drinking coffee, don't drink or do drugs, and, yes, I was recently baptized, so I "found religion" if you want to put it that way. I've always been a christian, but I've just made more of an effort than I had been and it seems to have made quite an impact on things.

I still struggle with bills and time management... I'm still overworked and haven't had a raise in who-knows-how-long.... but I trust that God will take care of everything. Now, I've always trusted that He would take care of everything... and He always has... but I've always worried about everything until He came through for me too... and was exhausted with the worry. I don't feel all that worry as much. Oh, maybe a moment or two, but it goes away and I move on to what needs to be done.

But back to what I was initially talking about. I've always been one for noticing nature and things that would normally go unnoticed by the average Joe Schmoe on the street. But lately, I seem to be noticing a LOT more. Things seem to be falling into place and making sense more for me in my life and in my understanding of things around me, what I read, what I learn, what I hear, etc.

Is it because I'm more at peace? More in harmony with the world and with myself? With God? All of the above? I'm leaning toward the later, but whatever the answer is, I'm beginning to like it!

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